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           Hunan Global Messerger Technology Co.,Ltd, China is hi-tech company that concentrating on technology research, production and data service of animal tracking.
         We commit to provide individualized and professional satellite positioning products (wild animal micro-tracker), which are mainly applied to wild animal research, natural reserve management, epidemic disease monitoring, wild animal rescues, etc.
          We have established cooperative relationship with more than 100 organizations, including colleges and universities, natural preservation zones, wildlife rescue centers, nonprofit wild animal protection organization,etc., around the world. And we have provided data services and technical services for more than 500 wildlife researchers and nature reserve administrators.
           More than 4,000 wild animals, including birds, beast and amphibians, are wearing HQXS trackers. Some trackers have been running well in the wild for more than 4 years. We have obtained over 20 million effective tracking data.
          The species we studied included Red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis ), White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), Demoiselle crane (Anthropoides virgo), Crested ibis (Nipponia Nippon),  Great bustard (Otis tarda), Wintering Eurasian spoonbills (Platalea leucorodia), Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus), Francois’ langur (Trachypithecus francoisi), Père David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus) and other rare wild animals.

Hunan Global Messenger Co., Ltd

Aug, 2018